Air Force Special Operations Command is one of the lesser-known U.S. Special Forces. That’s because its primary responsibility is getting other units to the point of attack and supporting them, rather than carrying the headline-grabbing actual operation. But you can be sure that the guys they insert—and then get back out—are fully aware of how important AFSOC is.


  • Publisher: The Creative Company
  • Series: U.S. Special Forces
  • Year Published: 2014
  • Age Level: 8-13
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This series is packed with information. Each book begins with an engaging introductory narrative that puts readers right inside the action with these special forces, followed by a history of the elite team. Whiting describes in detail the training process for the men and women who apply for these jobs, which require both immense physical skill and strength, as well as mental grit and intelligence. This series will be invaluable for students researching or writing about the military. (“Series Made Simple,” School Library Journal)