Aristotle may be the most intelligent man who ever lived. He was a scientist who studied everything from astronomy to zoology. He developed a theory of drama that many modern screenwriters follow. Some of his ideas are reflected in the U.S. Constitution.

  • Publisher: Mitchell Lane
  • Series: Biography of Ancient Civilizations
  • Year Published: 2006
  • Age Level: 8-13
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A brief but compelling biography introduces children to the man Dante called “the master of those who know.” (Jack Criss, The New Individualist)

Jim Whiting provides a glimpse into the life of Aristotle and his contributions to our understanding of the world around us. I think that portions of this book would be great for use in a fifth grade classroom. Aristotle is an example of a man who questioned his world and sought answers that were not easily found. Providing examples of people throughout the course of history who went against the grain in the pursuit of knowledge is a great way to motivate students to do the same. (Library Thing)

The book is very informative and an easy read. (