Bayern Munich endured several decades of relative mediocrity. That changed in the late 1960s. Bayern became a powerhouse. Today Bayern dominates the Bundesliga, Germany’s national league. They have more titles than the next three teams combined!

  • Publisher: Creative Education
  • Series: Soccer Champions
  • Year Published: 2015
  • Age Level: 8-13
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Focusing on different soccer teams, these books all open with the same overview of the sport, followed by an outline of historic events, such as the Spanish Civil War and World War II, that have shaped the team’s history. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid’s intense rivalry has its origins in 1714, when those loyal to King Philip V conquered Barcelona. The prose is balanced by well-labeled photos, time lines, and short biographies of outstanding players. VERDICT: North American soccer fans will welcome these serviceable additions. (School Library Journal)