Nothing was more important to ancient Egyptians than the Nile River. Its annual flooding provided the previous water and fertilizer that enabled them to grow crops. The river influenced every aspect of daily life, from haughty pharaoh to humble peasant.

  • Publisher: Reference Point Press
  • Series: Ancient Egyptian Wonders
  • Year Published: 2013
  • Age Level: 10-18
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This series provides a comprehensive overview of ancient Egyptian civilization. Each book is well-researched and includes quotes from experts and ancient texts which provide well-documented insight. The best book in the series is Life Along the Ancient Nile; the coverage of marriage, fashion, medicine, and social classes is thorough and fascinating. The primary source materials about dental procedures and wild parties will intrigue readers. Students will clearly understand why the legacy of ancient Egypt stands out from other ancient cultures. Highly recommended. (Library Media Connection)

Provides  a wealth of information on the ancient Egyptians. Even though this is oft-covered ground, this book stands out for its abundant material. The content is extensive, but it is written in a conversational style that will pull in report writers and browsers alike. The main text is interspersed with fact boxes providing additional intriguing tidbits. Solid purchase, even for libraries with Egyptian collections of a good size. (School Library Journal)