Many young people are tempted to take steroids because they believe they will become better athletes or make themselves more attractive. This book explains the dangers behind these beliefs.

  • Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Bookmark
  • Series: Drug Facts
  • Year Published: 2010
  • Age Level: 8-12
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Information is presented in a matter-of-fact, no-holds-barred manner, which will resonate with teen readers. The simple text uses up-to-date language; several personal anecdotes from teens who struggled with abuse are presented in graphic sidebars. Clear and balanced with high quality writing. (Library Media Connection)

Presenting the “history, effects, and dangers” of these drugs is not easy, yet Whiting does just that in a compact and concise package. Smooth transitions bring readers up-to-date with present laws. The book provides clear explanations about effects, followed by diagrams of the body to clarify the specific organs/body systems that suffer the most damage. The presentation is straightforward, especially in the acknowledgment that because of peer pressure, the decision to try steroids is often made without knowing all about the possible consequences. This book provides an excellent starting point for remedying that problem. (School Library Journal)