Under the orders of German dictator Adolf Hitler, the Holocaust was the organized murder of an estimated six million Jews and millions of other people. Concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Dachau are synonyms for the worst forms of human cruelty.

  • Publisher: Mitchell Lane
  • Series: Monumental Milestones
  • Year Published: 2005
  • Age Level: 8-13
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While the author addresses a complex and difficult topic in less than 40 pages of text, his treatment is surprisingly focused and absorbing. There is an emotionally charged tone that takes over whenever the author describes the treatment of the victims, as if he understands that he has a limited opportunity to create a lasting impact on readers. It provides an adequate and serious introduction to the Holocaust, one that would hopefully spark young people to continue their research of the topic. (School Library Journal)

This is an amazing non-fiction story about the Holocaust. There is so much information in this book, stories of people who were sent to the work camps and survived; stories of people who had loved ones who did not survive. I enjoyed this book and learned many things that I did not already know. It is very informative and will be a valuable resource book for study or research. Some of the stories are a bit graphic, but not enough to keep the book from being of great value to younger students who have an interest in the Holocaust. I rated this book a 5 and would recommend it for every library that serves children. It would be a great book to have at any age level. (Lane Educational Service)