When he was growing up, Scott Jurek didn’t like running. Yet today he is the best long distance runner in the United States. He likes to run races that are 100 miles or even longer.

  • Publisher: Mitchell Lane
  • Series: A Robbie Reader
  • Year Published: 2006
  • Age Level: 8-13
  • Category:


Jim Whiting hooks his readers in the first chapter by describing the tough conditions Scott Jurek faced during one of his ultramarathon races and mentioning that Scott didn’t like running when he was growing up. From there, the reader learns about Jurek’s childhood and his later discovery of ultramarathons. It’s a fun book to read that will interest sports fans especially, but will also inspire readers to challenge themselves to try new things and be unafraid of hard work and perseverance. (Lane Educational Service)

I believe this book should be in all libraries serving young people. You and Scott Jurek are a winning duo. (Heidi Renz, retired elementary school teacher)

There is nothing better for a young person then having good role models in life. Scott Jurek has steadily set goals for himself that he continues to realize. Along with his healthy diet and lifestyle, he has blended a terrific formula to dominate the sport of ultrarunning. This Robbie Reader will help set the seed for young people who wish to aim high in their own goals in life too. I’m thankful this book was written to tell Scott’s amazing story. (amazon.com)