What is probably the most famous pairing in musical history began in 1871 and lasted for more than 20 years. Today Gilbert and Sullivan societies exist all over the world. Audiences still enjoy their combination of clever, humorous lyrics and tuneful melodies.

  • Publisher: Mitchell Lane
  • Series: Masters of Music
  • Year Published: 2004
  • Age Level: 8-13
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A pretty good introduction to G&S for young people. This book is clearly aimed at young readers who want more information on the famous team of Gilbert and Sullivan than is to be found in a typical theater program but who are not ready to tackle such magisterial tomes as Leslie Baily’s The Gilbert and Sullivan Book. On the whole, I think that the 40-odd pages that Mr. Whiting devotes to his main task successfully accomplish the task set out for them.

If you know nothing about G&S before you purchase this book, this book is a good introduction. (amazon.com)